Original Metal Wax and Pure Linseed Oil Combo
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Combine 1 can of our amazingly rated Original Metal Wax and single bottle of Pure Linseed Oil and save a bit of cash. These two items are the keys to maintaining wood handled tools, and a huge array of other tools you may own. The Metal Wax helps prevent corrosion and keep moisture away from wood that may cause rot. The pure linseed oil helps keep wood conditioned to stop it from drying out. 


  • Packaged in a 4 oz rust-proof screw top Tin container. Reusable. 
  • Blend of Beeswax, oils and natural solvents. 
  • Scented with Vanilla and Walnut extract 
  • 120ml of 100% Pure Linseed Oil
  • Slow drying, low odor
  • Recyclable, Aluminum canister with screw top

Directions for Use: Clean surface where wax is to be applied. Use clean dry cloth to remove any dirt or moisture. Apply wax in circular motion to surface and use liberally. Let dry for five minutes. Using a new cloth, polish surface with pressure causing slight heat to remove wax. Re-apply as needed. 



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