Original Metal Wax
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We tested over 15 different blends before we settled on the formula for the Original Metal Wax. Great for use on both metal hand tools and wood, specifically handles, protecting them from moisture that causes rust and rotting. A propriety blend of waxes, oils and natural solvents, Original Metal Wax offers superior protection for your superior tools. Easy to use and quick to apply, this wax can be used on axes, hatchets, hammers, chisels, and virtually any raw metal or wood surface to help them continue to live on. 


  • Packaged in a 4 oz rust-proof screw top Tin container. Reusable. 
  • Blend of Beeswax, oils and natural solvents. 
  • Scented with Vanilla and Walnut extract 

Directions for Use: Clean surface where wax is to be applied. Use clean dry cloth to remove any dirt or moisture. Apply wax in circular motion to surface and use liberally. Let dry for five minutes. Using a new cloth, polish surface with pressure causing slight heat to remove wax. Re-apply as needed. 



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