Axe Care Essentials + Tool Roll
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Exceptional Essentials on a roll.

We take our tools seriously - but their care and maintenance is paramount. It's not always easy or convenient, but it is definitely necessary. 

To help simplify the process and take it to wherever you need it, we've put together this kit of essentials in our Waxed Canvas Tool Roll to help you get the most out of your edged tools, keeping them working the way they should. 

    • Original Metal Wax - A blend of waxes and oil specifically made to clean and protect metal surfaces. A thin layer after use helps block out moisture and prevent rust. 
    • Pure Linseed Oil - Naturally created by pressing Flax Seed, Linseed Oil is one of the most traditional wood finishes. Through the application of light coats, this extremely slow drying oil conditions and keeps wood from drying out and prevents cracking. 
    • 6" Nicholson Bastard Mill File - This compact but effective file is the perfect tool for a quick touch up to the cutting edge of your axe or hatchet. Not course, but not to fine, this bastard file can help you profile and sharpen when needed. Nicholson is one of the most trusted names when it comes to metal and wood files. 
    • Nicholson File Card - This file card, or cleaner, is built specifically to help you clean out your Nicholson files after use. The file card removes metal shavings to ensure cleaner and more consistent cuts, ultimately make your files more effective and safer to use. 
    • Terry Cloth Shop Towels (2) - Color-coded shop towels to use with the Wax and the Linseed Oil, or whatever else you want to use them for. 

 Note: Waxed materials take on a worn-look quickly through creasing and scratching of the material which is normal and part of the intended design. Any time you'd like to refresh the look, lightly heat the material with a blow dryer. Never wash your waxed good. Simply wipe clean with water. 

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