19" Replacement Axe Handle
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If ordered by November 30th, receive by December 18th. If ordered by December 19th, receive by December 24th. 

Finding replacement axe handles, or helves, isn't difficult. Finding a good one is. 

At Victor, we're happy to offer replacement handles that match the superior quality of those that  come on our Hudson Bay and Boys axes.

These handles, as well as all of those used to build our Hudson Bay and Boy's axes, differ from what you'll find at your typical hardware store in 3 key areas:

  1. Grain Alignment: These handles are hand selected from their larger product runs for their excellent grain, running from the cutting edge to the poll of the axe, increasing durability and strength. 
  2. Design Consistency: Nearly perfect symmetry and the right balance of thickness, these handles are lean and offer great feel. Not meaty and oversized. 
  3. Raw Comfort: These 100% Hickory handles require little maintenance and have no varnish or topcoat treatment, making them easier on the hands, less slippery and only require periodic applications of Linseed Oil to keep them from drying out. 

Each handle order comes with the handle itself, a hardwood wedge, and a round metal wedge.  

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