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Embargo November 17th, 2016


"The salesman wearing black will earn lots of sales, but no friends."


The new Charcoal Collection of tools by Victor is a bit like that. They really don't care for pleasantries and they're all about getting down to business.

Our intent with this release was to bring focus to the functional elements on each tool. What resulted was a strikingly, subtle lineup of products in an all-black color palette that we can't take our eyes off of.


The Charcoal Collection re-releases six Victor tools in an all-black color palette, with the intent to stimulate interest in sustainable, maintainable and enduring goods.
The soft goods are handcrafted from black 9 oz., full grain leather, 18 oz. waxed twill canvas, and brass hardware. 

The axes are finished with a black stain and pure Linseed Oil, allowing for ongoing care, and are paired with handmade, brass riveted leather head covers.

DESIGNED TO LIVE ON | About Victor Axe + Tool
Victor is a brand committed to combatting a culture of 'throw away' products that stems from a lack of quality and planned obsolescence. We're are on journey to create tools and goods that outlast time and trend, through sustainable quality, covetable design and enduring performance.