Huron - 13" Half Hatchet
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 "After the fires of 1881, people started to organize firefighting plans."

A simple twist to our Leland Half Hatchet and an ode to the baseball heritage of Detroit, Michigan, the flame scorched Hickory handle of the Huron is a nod to the styling of the classic, flame-treated baseball bats used to crush countless home runs. 

This 13" American Hickory handled half hatchet features a generous cutting edge and a solid smooth-faced hammer. Forged stateside by BARCO Industries, these tools are bred from a line of 'no nonsense' tools, built to get the job done. Each hatchet gets profiled, sharpened and finished in Michigan. The handle on the Huron is flame-treated, then finished with pure Linseed Oil and the head is outfit with a handmade, holster-style sheath.


  • Made in the USA, forged in the Mid-West by BARCO Industries 
  • Forged Half Hatchet head pattern with octagonal hammer face, sharpened and polished to perfection. 
  • 100%Hickory handle with pure Linseed oil topcoat and flame scorched grip. 
  • 3.5" Hand honed cutting edge
  • Handmade, premium leather holster style head cover to carry her right on your hip. 
  • Latigo leather hand strap


  • Head Type: 1.25 lbs Half Hatchet pattern pattern
  • Head Material: 1060-1078 grade alloy steel
  • Shaping Process: Open faced die drop forged
  • Bit (Edge): Tempered to final hardness of Rc 50
  • Handle Material: American Hickory; Grade A 
  • Hang: Wood wedge with juxtaposed steel wedge
  • Overall Weight: 2 lbs. 
  • Sheath Material: 100% top grade leather, Antique Brass hardware

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