Victor Axe + Tool featured in Rapid Growth Media

Over the past 3 months, Rapid Growth has been working with Victor Axe + Tool, shooting some photos, holding a few interviews and then composing this really well done piece for their online publications focused on Grand Rapids and West Michigan. Here's a preview, but check out the full article here. 

“It all goes back to that thing your grandfather always used, that thing you saw him have and if he passed away, you’d go back and ask for it from your grandmother.” Victor Sultana, the sole owner and craftsman of Victor Axe + Tool, pauses. “It could be as simple as this,” he says, patting a reclaimed claw hammer adorning his workbench. “But there was a reason why he had it. It's well-made and still works like it did when he bought it.”

From small beginnings
Sultana began creating and reclaiming axes one at a time in January 2011, after he admired a particular ax and a coworker goaded him into creating one. It took one trip to the mill for a massive log and putting up a wood dryer; six months later, he was making axes. It wasn't quite that simple, but Sultana works hard and enjoys figuring things out for himself. He is informative, offering practical advice about ax selection: “You should buy a fiberglass handle for everyday use if you're a fireman or in the forestry services. On wooden handles, wood grain should run from the blade to the poll of the ax.”

-Rapid Growth Media

Victor sultana
Victor sultana