A Donation Axe for the Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan

Victor Axe + Tool is donating this 36" Red, White and Blue American Felling Axe and custom built display case to the Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan (DSAWM). 


The axe will be up for auction at the organization's Winners Cup Kentucky Derby party on May 4th, 2013. The axe features a 100% hickory, custom shaped handle and a Collins Homestead Jersey pattern head thats been polished and sharpened. The bottom half of the handle has been painted and coated with an all-weather polyurethane topcoat. The upper half is branded and oiled for use. A hand stitched leather cover has been created for the bit as well. 

The display case was hand built by Victor Axe + Tool. Inlays of leather protect the axe and accent braces that keep the tool from shifting, along with snap fasteners and leather straps. 


The event includes entertainment, cocktails, dinners, viewing and charitable bidding of the Kentucky Derby, silent and live auctions on a great variety of goods. I believe there are seats still available, so for those that live in West Michigan, visit the official facebook page to request tickets. 


Victor sultana
Victor sultana