For July 4th and 5th only, you can pick up one (or more) of our Duck Canvas 5-Panel Caps for 25% off their regular price. 

Just a little thank you for sticking with us while we were out and about on our journey. We're back at it now and working hard to continue to provide products and tools designed to live on. 

Waxed  5-Panel Caps Are Back

New. Improved. And now available for pre-order, shipping before or on December 20th. 

Cut and sewn in Colorado from 9 oz. Duck Canvas and then weather-proofed in Michigan, each of these robust caps is finished with a blend of wax and oil to keep moisture out while keeping your best ideas in. The vintage-modern 5-panel cap design meets the iconic waxed look of the British outdoors. Easy to wear, easier to care for - just wipe to clean. 

Order today to receive a cap in time for Christmas.  Last day to order is December 18th, 2014.



Holiday Shipping Schedule

Thinking about placing an order, check out our holiday shipping schedule to make sure it arrives on time. 

Painted Axes and Hatchets 
December 8th, 2014 - Last Day to Order

'Naked' Axes and Hatchets (Leland, Hamlin & Bellaire)
December 14th, 2014 - Last Day to Order

Gear (Caps, Tool Rolls, Wax, etc.)
December 18th, 2014 - Last Day to Order




The popular and versatile Leland and Manitou Half Hatchets are currently under construction but will be ready to ship in the coming weeks. They're now available for pre-order and we expect to start shipping the first week of December. Place your pre-orders starting today and orders ship in the order they're received. 

We're looking for a Social Marketing Intern! Think you can help us out?

This is the opportunity to be Victor Axe + Tool’s first intern and work as part of our team to help set the direction for the future. As a Victor intern, you’ll get a first hand look at how our small company functions on all levels and get the direct opportunity to influence and shape the growth of our business.

We are looking for a student with a growing proficiency in both Twitter and Pinterest, as well as the broad range of social communication tools. This is a part-time internship, but an ‘always-on’ type of role due to the nature of social marketing. Weekly commitment will vary, but is estimated at 5 hours. The internship will be based in West Michigan with team meetings at our Grand Rapids location. All other work can be performed flexibly.

Intern will begin in Mid-September and needs to be available through January 1st, 2015.

As a Victor intern, you will receive the following:

  • Any software or additional tools needed to perform the tasks.
  • Your choice of any Boy’s Axe or Hudson Bay Axe. You’ll even have the opportunity to create it if preferred.
  • Mentoring on Marketing and Sales tactics and processes currently in use.
  • A hefty discount on all of our products.

To apply, send us an email with your resume and a simple cover letter that tells us about your social marketing experience and your interest in being part of the Victor team. Send them to

UTR: Under The Radar Michigan is a fast paced, modern, weekly program that explores the best of Michigan.The object is to discover the people, places and things that are unique about Michigan.

Victor Axe + Tool was paid a visit by their crew back in October of 2013, and we had a great chat with Tom, their host. We got to show Tom our shop and tell him a little bit about our beginnings, our story and even a little bit about what's next. It just aired on PBS in South East Michigan this past Saturday, and will continue to air throughout Michigan and Canada over the next few weeks. 

Check out the full episode right here


This year, give your family something that inspires connectivity, not just needs it. 

Traditions get better with age, rarely need replacing and have no monthly subscription fee. What they do need is a leader with a little bit of vigor.

This holiday season, be that leader and give your family something to call their own, something to enjoy in the moment,  and something to look forward to.

Design it to last. Design it to Live On. 


Over the past 3 months, Rapid Growth has been working with Victor Axe + Tool, shooting some photos, holding a few interviews and then composing this really well done piece for their online publications focused on Grand Rapids and West Michigan. Here's a preview, but check out the full article here. 

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Over this last month, we were able to complete a very special custom project for three very special young men. Their father placed an order for three identical 15" Scout Hatchets, each with very individual designs. Each hatchet was wood burned with their individual names and each was outfitted with a custom made leather holster-style sheath. 

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Victor Axe + Tool is so excited to announce our first merchant partnership with the amazingly curated Hunt & Gather on Cherry Street, right here in Grand Rapids. The display is up and features an axe and a hatchet. 


"Hunt & Gather provides carefully curated items to help you and your family develop a vintage-modern and industrial-cozy aesthetic through exceptional design and familial customer-service." 

Perfect timing too; Today, Cherry Street and East Hills Businesses are celebrating Made In Michigan day. Get outside today and check it out. It's beautiful!

Victor Axe + Tool is donating this 36" Red, White and Blue American Felling Axe and custom built display case to the Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan (DSAWM). 


The axe will be up for auction at the organization's Winners Cup Kentucky Derby party on May 4th, 2013. The axe features a 100% hickory, custom shaped handle and a Collins Homestead Jersey pattern head thats been polished and sharpened. The bottom half of the handle has been painted and coated with an all-weather polyurethane topcoat. The upper half is branded and oiled for use. A hand stitched leather cover has been created for the bit as well. 

The display case was hand built by Victor Axe + Tool. Inlays of leather protect the axe and accent braces that keep the tool from shifting, along with snap fasteners and leather straps. 


The event includes entertainment, cocktails, dinners, viewing and charitable bidding of the Kentucky Derby, silent and live auctions on a great variety of goods. I believe there are seats still available, so for those that live in West Michigan, visit the official facebook page to request tickets.